carbon scuba tank
AC168 Condor 6.8L Carbon Fiber Diving Tank - The Eagle Ray Dive Shop
AC168 Condor 6.8L Carbon Fiber Diving Tank - The Eagle Ray Dive Shop
carbon scuba tank
carbon scuba tank

Acecare 4500Psi 300Bar 6.8L Carbon Scuba Tank

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  • The AC168 Condor 6.8L Carbon Scuba Tank is a revolutionary product in the diving industry. This new material cylinder, developed in recent years, offers a significant weight reduction compared to traditional steel cylinders, weighing 70 percent less.

  • Not only is it lightweight, but it also boasts strong corrosion resistance, no magnetic property, and stable performance. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the tank in various diving conditions.

  • The inner surface of the cylinder is specially treated to ensure that the holding gas is clean, odorless, and safe for use. With a long service life of 15 years, this tank is a worthwhile investment for any diver. Please note that the Tank Valve is sold separately and can be found in the Tank Accessory Catalog.

    Optimized for both recreational and technical divers, the Carbon Scuba Tank enhances your underwater experience by making it easier to manage your equipment due to its reduced weight.

  • Ideal for a wide range of diving activities, from wreck exploration to reef dives, this carbon composite cylinder offers improved buoyancy control, allowing divers to maintain a more natural position in the water.

  • Additionally, its high-pressure capacity is suitable for advanced diving scenarios, making it a top choice for professional divers.

    Eco-conscious divers will appreciate that the carbon material is more environmentally sustainable than other materials, reducing the ecological footprint associated with diving activities.

  • Upgrade your dive gear with the AC168 Condor 6.8L Carbon Scuba Tank for enhanced safety, performance, and comfort during your dives.