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Cressi Durable Start Jacket Style BCD - The Eagle Ray Dive Shop
Cressi Durable Start Jacket Style BCD - The Eagle Ray Dive Shop


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  • The durable Cressi Start BCD is a great choice for dive centers, or anyone looking for a jacket that will stand up to the demanding rigors of regular diving. The one-way pressure valve ensures a consistent seal on your tank and supply hose, eliminating stress on your regulator.

  • The double-air filtration system helps prevent sand and other debris from clogging your inflator. An optional second tank strap can be added for extra versatility, making it easy to carry an extra tank at your side when needed.

  • Every pocket has its own special compartment for essentials like dive tools and octopus regulators, keeping everything organized and accessible.

    Enhance your diving experience with the Cressi Start BCD’s robust construction and advanced features designed for professional and recreational divers alike.

  • This BCD offers superior buoyancy control, adjustable straps, and high-capacity pockets for effective gear management underwater. The padded back support provides exceptional comfort during extended dives, and its highly visible color options ensure safety and visibility in various diving conditions.

  • Ideal for training new divers or outfitting rental fleets, the Cressi Start BCD is built to last and engineered for performance.